Blogger Qs Answered: How do we get people talking (leaving comments)?

Howdy, folks. So how in the world do you get people talking to you… aka leaving comments?

Well we have certainly talked about blog commenting before on BizChickBlogs, and that post was one of the more popular ones, too. It’s obviously something people care about.

This question was submitted by Valerie of Bellbridge Blog:


I appreciate the insight provided in your blog. Currently we have not received many comments to our blog; would you take a look and forward your opinion of how to get people ‘talking’ to us? Thank you kindly.


Thanks for your question, Valerie! It’s tough, though. There are a couple of factors involved.

The first factor is traffic. What is the traffic like currently on the blog? Remember not to expect that everyone who visits is going to leave a comment. Omer of wrote a great post about commenting. You also might want to consider increasing your posting frequency. If there’s going to be a month in between each post, you may lose the attention of interested readers.

The second factor is topic. From your tagline, we are told that your blog is about interior design and specifically about sustainable floor coverings, so one thing you might want to focus on is traveling in blog circles that are home improvement and/or interior design centric. In doing so, you’ll draw people of like-mind back to your blog and the content will be of interest to them.

A great blog in a semi-related niche to look at for an example is Yale Lighting and Appliance.

What needs are you fulfilling with your blog? This is something Darren Rowse of has written about several times and discovering the answer for yourself is going to make a world of difference. Ultimately, if you can figure out what it is your intended audience needs to know, or would appreciate knowing, your readers will be grateful and will express the gratitude in some way – probably by leaving comments, but also be passing on the word through social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

I’m including some additional general blog tips below! Keep up the good work and you might want to buy 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I have it, I’ve read it, and it’s excellent and will help you accomplish all that you would like to with your blog!

General Blog Tips

  • First things first :): You have great topic choices, length of your posts, and your layout is really lovely.
  • Categorize your posts into topics that make sense. Right now everything is in the Uncategorized category but if you section them off, people will be able to navigate your blog more easily, AND it will organize you as well and give some structure to your blog.
  • Use permalinks. Rather than using the default WordPress permalink structure, perhaps you should use custom permalinks that display the post title in the URL. This will go a long way toward improving SEO, as page URL is one of the most important on-page SEO elements.
  • Respond to comments. In these early stages, you might try to do your best to reply to each comment someone leaves you. Show that you appreciate and desire commenting on your blog. Can you install CommentLuv on your blog? It will encourage more commenting, also.

Thanks very much, Valerie, for submitting your question! If anyone else has input for Bellbridge Blog – helpful tips on how they can facilitate more commenting – please feel free to chip in! And if you are struggling in a similar way, check out everything I’ve linked to in this blog as it will all help you immensely.

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