Question of the Week: What the heck is the point of Facebook for bloggers?

I have posted waaaaayy too much this week! lol Just realized that.

Anyway, I have a question. It’s been lingering… I’m wondering, in your opinion,

What kind of value do you think Facebook really provides to bloggers?

This got sparked after I saw an update from @johnaguiar of Money Dummy come through on my news feed (in Facebook) and it said NetworkedBlogs. Being the incredibly, surprisingly, out of the loop person that I am, I wondered, hmm, what is that? (Note: For years, I had a major issue with using Facebook for anything other than true, real, social connection with people that I already knew in real life, so I think I just put up a mental block to anything that went outside of that).

So I followed the link back to NetworkedBlogs and up went the flag that said, you should be here (and so I joined). But the question is, why?

And that question brings me back to, what the heck is the point of Facebook for bloggers?

I already have a fan page. I like it. I had to warm up to it, at first. But now I enjoy connecting there.

  • It’s much better than leaving 50 back and forth comments on someone’s blog, for one thing.
  • The second reason is that I’ve actually connected with people via my Facebook page who read my blog but have never left a comment – ever – here. It helps me to know that there are more readers out there than just the ones I can see.

Beyond that, it’s difficult for me to see the value. When I googled NetworkedBlogs, I found an interesting post on Fan Pages vs. NetworkedBlogs by Matt Stratton. Have a read. There’s not much of a difference, really, anymore. It seems that fan pages are more visible (seeing as though I had no knowledge of NetworkedBlogs prior to today).

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