Two Cents Tuesday: What’s the Main Reason So Many Blogs Fail?

When you sit down to write a post, do you ever think about how much effort you’re putting into it? How much time do you dedicate to producing something that is meaningful, useful, funny, intriguing, silly, or thought-provoking? Do you care whether people actually like it or do you sometimes get into the mindset, “I just want some visitors and some comments, already!!!”

What about in your promotion? Ever find yourself in a rut, doing the same things over and over and getting no results, just sort of waiting for something to click?

Raise your hand if you’ve been there! I have.

Gera from wrote a pretty lengthy and 100% spot-on post about the social media mistakes people make and why they subsequently fail miserably. What it all comes down to is that there’s no magic blogging hat and there’s no magician who is going to come and pull out a rabbit out of it for you. You get what you give.

I understand that some people are just shy and that’s why this “blogging thing” is difficult for them. Or, some people are technically challenged or don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to the Internet.

But mostly, what it boils down to… is that this is really a question of faith. I believe that many new bloggers and jaded bloggers don’t understand how to drive engagement, feel that blogs that are lively are mysterious and unreachable, and that they will never get there, so they just don’t try. They don’t have it in them to push a little more, a little harder, or venture into unknown territory, to make it work. They want to see if it’ll work with the small amount of effort they put into it and when nothing happens, they toss the idea.

Don’t Do These Things. They Will Kill Your Blog.

You can’t say you’re “trying” this blogging thing out if you’re:

A) Not blogging (no brainer, right? Can’t tell you how many ppl I know who fall in this category)

B) Not commenting anywhere

C) Not doing any promotion using social media or social networking

D) Not linking out to other blogs

E) Thinking that one day, “it” will just happen.

How To Make Something of Your Blog

1) Start blogging, if you have stopped. Need a place to start? Head over here and learn how to blog.

2) Go out and comment on other blogs. This will help a lot.

3) Stop using Twitter and Facebook like a social bookmarking account and start networking. If you don’t know how, is very good for understanding how to use and maximize Twitter. For Facebook, do a Google search for Mari Smith. Or, go to and read the plethora of information they have there.

4) Start referencing other blogs in your posts. Give your readers some depth – somewhere to go. Get connected. Show that you are connected.

5) Stop thinking that it will happen one day. Start today.

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