The Single Step You MUST Take to Live Your Dream

This is part two of an article I wrote called “Are You Living Someone Else’s Life?

In this article I’m going to talk about failure, and give you a completely new way of looking at it, so that you no longer see failure incorrectly as something negative that is to be avoided.

For most of us, quite simply, we’re afraid of failure… and if we fail once, twice, or three times, we feel like our dream is “not for us”, or we begin to doubt ourselves, and become more disheartened with each attempt.

And I want to mention here: this step is INEVITABLE.

John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Paul Mitchell, had a quote, from when he was going door-to-door trying to sell his hair products to salons when he was starting out in 1980 that goes,

“When the door is slammed in your face 99 times, you go to door number 100 with just as much enthusiasm.”

This trait alone separates a person who succeeds in life from a person who fails.

Almost nobody gets something right the first time… everything we do is a learning experience, and when you’re first starting out, and people criticize you for failing, that’s when you’re at your most inexperienced, and when it’s reasonable that you’ll fail.

Nobody picks up a bicycle, or tries to walk, or swim, and fails 100 times and says, “that’s it, I guess I’m just not meant to be a walker”… and following this formula of persistence we ALWAYS succeed… so why did we stop doing it as adults?

Thomas Edison failed trying to invent the light bulb 10,000 times, and if he’d let other people steal his dream from him, and let the opinions of others that just because he didn’t get it right the first 10,000 times he should give up, we might never have the light bulb.

Look At “Failure” In A New Way

Thomas Edison knew something other people didn’t:

The only way to succeed is to stand in the face of people, situations, and challenges that come up, and recognize that every time you make a mistake it’s not because you’re not good enough; it’s because you’re learning, and slowly becoming better and better than everyone else, which will ultimately lead to your success.

But most people don’t see failure that way.

Most people will only see things the way they are in the PRESENT… and if you have two years of consecutive failures they’ll automatically assume that means you’re not good enough, when what you’re really doing is learning… but they see it as, “if he/she failed for two years, that’s evidence it isn’t going to work.”

But that’s NOT THE CASE.

This just means that you haven’t figured out enough trial-and-error to perfect your formula for whatever you’re doing… but you need to face three things in order to get to this step:

1) Your fear of failure
2) Your fear of ridicule/opinions
3) Your fear of rejection

The great thing I’ve discovered about following your passion and being an entrepreneur is that these experiences are actually GOOD things, because they reveal your weak points, force you to overcome them, and make you a stronger person.

I can bet the people judging and criticizing you are also never growing or challenging themselves with things they can’t presently handle, and that is the key to becoming stronger, more powerful, and ultimately achieving the impossible.

When people say, “that can’t be done,” they have no way of knowing what’s possible until we accomplish it.

We didn’t know whether flight was possible until the Wright brothers made it possible.

What you need to shift to saying is, “this presently can’t be done, because nobody’s figured out a way to do it”… then go looking for that way to achieve your goals.

Doing this alone will separate you from 99% of people, who don’t even bother dreaming of a new way of doing things, because someone already defined all their ideas of “can” and “can’t” for them

1) Are you living someone else’s life?
2) To what degree are you living someone else’s life?
3) What do you want to do with your life?

Consider those questions the most important questions you will ever as yourself… because this isn’t a game you’re playing with, it’s your life.

You’ve got something incredible to offer the world… but are you selling out your dream to someone else’s opinion?

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